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Running meter, cloth BMW 114 coupe 47123.BMW parts catalog ETK contains detailed information on spare parts for cars manufactured by BMW since 1928.

1600GT M10

114 coupe Europe

Running meter, cloth

BMW Running meter, cloth
Description Extra info Condition Qty Part number
1Vinyl lining grainedMARINEBLAUfrom 03.1966 till 08.1973X51 92 0 140 643copy to clipboard
1Vinyl lining grainedSCHWARZfrom 03.1966 till 08.1973X51 92 0 140 644copy to clipboard
2Vinyl lining smoothMARINEBLAUX51 92 7 659 226copy to clipboard
2Vinyl lining smoothSCHWARZ X51 92 7 659 227copy to clipboard
2Vinyl lining smoothSCHWARZ/1300MMX51 92 1 905 497copy to clipboard
3Synthetic stripMARINEBLAU X51 92 1 900 768copy to clipboard
3Synthetic stripSCHWARZ X51 94 1 937 533copy to clipboard